TeVogt Family Photos

I’ve had the honor of taking the TeVogt family photos for the entirety of my photography career, over 5 years! I’ve been able to watch the kids grow up, get married, and this year - a new grandbaby! (See Easton’s Newborn Session earlier this year)!!

This gang is always a blast to hang out with, and this year’s session was no exception. We checked out the Noerenberg Memorial Gardens in Orono, MN. If you live in the Twin Cities and haven’t been here yet, check it out!! It’s a beautiful collection of gardens and rolling lawns that lead down to Lake Minnetonka.

We had a perfectly warm breezy September day to grab updated shots of all the family. I got to hear updates on all of the family’s activities, from jobs to cheerleading competitions, and even training for Hockey - all the kiddos are growing up so fast. This is one family that truly, honestly enjoys their time together and it always warms my heart to witness the love they have for one another. I hope you enjoy the highlights from the Tvogt family session!

Tvogt Family-305.jpg
Tvogt Family-70.jpg
Tvogt Family-146.jpg

Madeleine Adele | Newborn

After making her mom and dad wait 2 extra weeks for her arrival, Ms. Madeleine Adele graced the world with her presence on August 24th. Not long after, I got to spend a calm evening with the new family taking Maddie's first set of portraits. 

This sweet, calm little snuggle bug already has her daddy's good taste in music (we were spinning Norah Jones records) and has her mom's angelic good looks! She is patient with her older sibling Coconut when he barks and loves being held by all her mom and dad's friends. 

Welcome to the world Madeleine Adele, the world already loves you so much! XOXO


Tapia Family Photos

I topped off a busy and stressful week of work with an amazing, short, and sweet session with the Tapia family. Denise had won a session with me in a local fundraiser and boy am I glad she did! This family was so fun and so natural in front of the camera (even those that didn't want to be *cough, Ian*)!!

Tapia Family-2.jpg

Oh and I didn't forget the best part! - What is one of the best reasons for a photo shoot? The family's Abuela lives out of the country and was in town to visit! 

Tapia Family-40.jpg

I'm so thankful I got the opportunity to spend my Friday evening with this beautiful family. Until next time Tapia family, hopefully not the Tapia standard of 2 years ;) !

Jamie & Musaaleh | Married!

On a warm Thursday evening, Jamie and Musaaleh, their family and closest friends gathered for an intimate wedding ceremony at the Semple Mansion in downtown Minneapolis. 

The romantic venue set the tone of their wedding, it felt like stepping back in time! I was thrilled to spend a few minutes before the ceremony with both the bride and the groom separately (they are traditional and skipped a first look) to take a few formal portraits in the mansion.

Jamie and Musaaleh-23.jpg
Jamie and Musaaleh-39.jpg

The decor for the wedding was simple and elegant and let the beauty of the mansion shine through for the guests in attendance. Jamie and Musaaleh had a small thank you for each guest waiting on the golden chairs in the ceremony hall. 

Jamie and Musaaleh-56.jpg

Jamie's procession was down the great staircase in the center of the mansion. The ceremony that followed was short, sweet, and filled with laughter and love.

Jamie and Musaaleh-67.jpg
Jamie and Musaaleh-73.jpg

Immediately following the ceremony, everyone in attendance gathered on the steps of the mansion for photos, hugs, and sharing stories. 

The blended family that Jamie and Musaaleh have created from their love for each other was truly a heartwarming thing to witness. You can tell there are many days filled with love, laughter, and happiness ahead of this sweet family. Congratulations to you all!

Jamie and Musaaleh-152.jpg
Jamie and Musaaleh-165.jpg
Jamie and Musaaleh-160.jpg

Natalie & Charlotte (Natters & Charlie) | Sisterly Love

What better way to spend a Saturday morning than wandering around the Como Zoo Conservatory with these two beauties?

When I first met the Helgeson family they were just a family of three and Miss Natalie was only 6 months old. Natalie was definitely not a fan of me at first, but over the years she has slowly become the best little model a photographer could ask for! Oh have things have changed in the years to follow- Natalie got a new little sister (and best friend) Charlie, and they've grown into a dynamic duo of smiles, tickles, and giggles.


In the spirit of the Royal wedding, Natters and Charlie were dressed to impress for their photo shoot. The two princesses loved wandering the gardens and exploring all the different flowers with their cute noses. I even convinced them to do an eskimo kiss!

In addition to cherishing these two beautiful girls, the Helgeson family has big news! They are expecting a new addition to the family this summer! 

Of course, the girls are very excited about having a new baby brother or sister, but Natalie made it clear she's got her fingers crossed for a new baby brother more than anything because well, she already has the best little sister! 

I guess we'll just have to wait and see what's in store for this sweet family. Until next time...

Natters & Charlie-131.jpg
Natters & Charlie-134.jpg

Cora is 1 Year Old!

It boggles my mind how quickly a year can pass by. Just under a year ago, I was meeting sweet baby Cora for the first time in her nursery with her best bunny friend...


Then before we knew it, Cora's parents and I were celebrating Cora turning 6 months with an in-studio Christmas Session! One of my favorite parts of providing newborn packages is the opportunity to watch these precious little babes grow so much and so quickly!

(Those eyes though, right?!)


And now this sweet darling is a big ONE YEAR old! To celebrate, the Schipper family and I took a stroll around Gold Medal Park in downtown Minneapolis on Mother's Day. We lucked out and got some of the best spring weather Minnesota has to offer. 


This little darling girl gets LOTS of kisses and I'm sure you can see why. To top off her birthday photo-celebration, sweet Cora got to dig into her very own homemade birthday cake (props to mom!).

She was a little shy at first, but as you'll see she eventually did what we all like to do and dug right in! 


Wishing you the happiest of birthdays beautiful Cora!! I am so excited to see what the future has in store for you!

Cecelia, you're melting my heart! | 6 Months

Miss Cece is growing WAY too fast. Her overwhelmingly cute, kissable cheeks and that little half smirk totally melted my heart during her 6 month session.

One of my favorite parts of this work is watching these kiddos grow and little miss Cecelia is no exception. I've known her parents since before they got married just over 3 years ago and now I get to see their family take on life's new adventures!


This sweet little family is continuing to grow and is saying goodbye to their first home this spring! To mark the importance of this big transition we held Cecelia's 6 month session in their cozy living room.

To add to the nostalgia, Kristi's mom dropped by with a dress Kristi wore in her 6 month photos so we could recreate some of those classic 80's JC Penny gems.  


Oh and grandma got in some of the shots too! How cute is this generation shot of the girls? 

All of the pictures from this session make me so happy. Happy 1/2 Birthday sweet girl, I can't wait to see what the next 6 months brings for you!


Afton & Aileen | Portraits

Afton & Aileen have been inseparable friends since college and they haven't let life's big transitions or even the 1000+ miles between New Jersey and Minnesota change that.


Afton needed some fresh head shots for a new community engagement and diversity blog she'll be launching soon, while Aileen flew into Minneapolis to celebrate her birthday and being freshly back on the dating scene. 

With a bottle of bubbles popped and the rap tunes blaring (Birthday B*tch!!), we had a blast in downtown Minneapolis laughing and exchanging stories of their college shenanigans while grabbing some beautiful shots of these two babes. The celebration continued into the night with a birthday dinner and comedy show.

I can't imagine any better way to ring in a fresh new year and a fresh start than with a salon blowout, bubbles, and a beloved friend. Happy Birthday Aileen, CHEERS!


Henrik | 1 Year!

This was my face too when Henrik's mom reached out to me to schedule his 1 year photos! How is this adorable little man already 1!?

Henrik was more than willing to share his charming smile with me throughout our session and even let mom and dad get in some of his pictures too! 

 But don't let that angelic face fool you, this little dude had me out of breath running after him trying to get the perfect shots. He is incredibly curious about the world around him and his favorite thing to talk about is his..... "BALL!"

We may have a future World Cup Champion on our hands you guys.

So thankful that the lovely Hogan family incorporates me into their visits to the cities from Moorhead, it's always a blast to see them and how much this handsome fella has grown. 


This sweet babe couldn't wait to get into the world... so he decided to show up 8 weeks early!

Easton's parents have been my clients since the start of my photography career. After years of taking family pictures for Amber's family, I've come to know them like my own family. I was blessed to capture Amber and Adam's engagement and wedding, and now I get to watch their beautiful family grow!

Easton was one of the calmest babes I've ever had a newborn session with. He was all about cuddling and dozing in his blankets. I can't get enough of his tiny little feet!

There was a big debate between mom and dad during our session about whether Easton's hair is red or not. I'll leave it up to you to decide...

I'm so looking forward to watching this darling little man grow. Congratulations Amber and Adam!

Olivia & Daniel | Engaged!

These two transplants from Kansas are the epitome of young love and are set to get married in Olivia's hometown this fall. They met on the dance floor while attending K-State and two-stepped their way into a happily ever after here in Minnesota. Their goofy personalities provided lots of laughs during the session while they braved cold Minnesota spring temps to get the perfect shots in downtown Minneapolis. 

While I selfishly wish they were getting married here in MN, I can't wait to see pictures of their Kansas wedding that I'm positive will be just as beautiful as they are.

Congrats Daniel & Olivia!