Sharon & Greg - Married in Breckenridge!


Simple doesn’t always mean lacking and the wedding between Sharon and Greg was a perfect example of this!

Gone was the huge wedding party, giant cake, extravagant meal, party and the constant go go go.  In it’s place was a bride and groom with eyes only for each other, a wedding party of three – their children, cupcakes for each, and a glass of champagne (and sparkling cider for the littles) to wash them down with. 


The time I spent with this family captured not only their laid back, loving and goofy nature, but literally every beautiful weather pattern this state could offer.  We had clouds that highlighted the Breckenridge mountains in the background, sun that was warm, clear and bright, and then at the most perfect timing – the brides wish – SNOW! 

The ceremony was time spent reflecting on those who weren’t there in body through laughter and loving tears, and a time for Sharon and Greg to say their OFFICIAL ‘I-do’s’.  Immediately following the lovely first kiss as husband and wife, the family of five all signed the marriage license – which I thought was the most precious thing ever, and something I have never seen kiddos be a part of.  It was delightful!!

With fun music and their party pants on, Sharon, Greg and the kids enjoyed their cupcakes and several toasts to their new life legally as a family going forward.  I would say “officially”, but it was clear that they already were a family deeply in love, wedding or not.

The rest was a photographer’s heaven!!  A group eager to share their smiles, poses, and special day; and that they did.  After we said our goodbyes, I noticed how much my face hurt from constantly smiling, the day was absolutely perfect!