Scott & Adam - 1 Year Anniversary!


On July 14th, 2019 Scott and Adam will be celebrating one year of marriage to each other….can we give them a few HAPPY ANNIVERSARY cheers?!  What better way to celebrate their 1-year anniversary than a Pinterest worthy photo shoot, hmmmm?

After craving some good pictures of them together, Scott and Adam had reached out to me over the winter to get something scheduled. They were interested in having some springtime pictures to fill all of those frames they received as gifts from their wedding last year.  What a JOY for me to spend almost 2 hours together with these spectacular guys discovering some gorgeous places in Denver!


Starting the photoshoot off at the campus of Denver University, things were a bit technical with poses, discussions on where hands go, how big to smile, where to look, and deciding what post was the best to secure their newest fur baby – Murphy.  I mean, frames deserve nothing but the best pictures, am I right?   However, after the time it takes to blink an eye, the awkwardness of a camera all up in their faces was gone; and you could without a doubt tell how much comfort these two give to one another.


Portraits were our main goal - pictures of them looking handsome for the camera - but in between shots, my heart was full seeing how these two look at each other.  Capturing this part of relationships is the highest honor for me as a photographer.

Walking around campus, Adam shared with me a few totally awesome facts on the architecture and history of a few of the buildings – facts he learned back from attending the college. 

After we wrapped up at DU, we headed to Clear Creek in Golden.  O.M.Goodness am I obsessed.  The weather was darker, cloudy, and insanely foggy up in the foothills (not usually thought of as the best weather for photos) – but it was beyond perfect.  The historical area of Clear Creek was a gem, and we were able to take it down a notch from the suit and ties at DU, to the more casual side of Scott and Adam, complete with all three of their fur babies – Ozzy, Emmy Lou, and Murphy.

 Time FLEW by!!  I honestly wanted to keep taking more and more pictures!  The ease of everything by the end of our time together produced shot after perfect shot.  This session was a true testament of why I LOVE photography.  It was a time where we could spend time together re-capturing Scott and Adam’s past year together and creating amazing pictures to add the last finishing touches on the walls of their beautiful home together!

- Jessica