Sarah & Ang - New house, new RING!!

Earlier this spring, Sarah reached out to me to schedule a photoshoot to celebrate her and her partner Ang buying their first home together.

When the day finally rolled around for us to meet, I’ll be honest - I was a little nervous! I’ve never done a dedicated session to celebrating a home purchase, a house is a big thing - theoretically and physically - to capture!

I had a lot of ideas running through my head as to the kind of “lifestyle” shoot we could do to capture that just moved in, empty boxes, and slightly disarray/chaotic but beautiful, wonderful vibe of a first time home purchase.

Well, Sarah and Ang make moving look a lot better and a lot easier than I could ever do. Their beautiful home was warm and welcoming and even better, they had a surprise development for me since the last time we talked… a shiny new engagement ring!

I can’t express to you how much fun I had getting to know these two. As I listened to the story of how they met at a mutual friend’s party, how Sarah made the first move and revealed her warm considerate heart to Ang, and how he fell in love with her as a result makes my heart so full.

We ran all over the house and the yard getting all the springtime blooms we could in the photos - I love this time of year!

I felt an instant bond with these two when I met their rescue pup, Omar, and heard his story. Animal rescues are near and dear to my heart because of the three fur babies I have at home.

Sarah & Ang-92.jpg

I thoroughly enjoyed spending my afternoon getting to know Sarah and Ang. They are looking forward to transitioning from planning their move to now planning their wedding, and what a fun one it will be! They are planning a wedding in Minneapolis that will honor both of their Jewish and Buddhist cultural backgrounds. My fingers and toes are crossed over here that they are still looking for a wedding photographer!

Congratulations Sarah & Ang! - Laura