The Carroll Family Photos

Carroll Family-6.jpg

When I first sat down at a Caribou with Amanda for a meet and greet, I had the usual anxiety/nervousness that comes with meeting a new client for the first time. It didn’t take more than a minute of us talking and connecting over corporate work stuff/family life/ you name it before I knew we were a good match!

When we did eventually get to talking about photos, Amanda told me that baby Abby’s arrival was what brought us together. She wanted some updated family photos to capture the newest addition to their little family.

Carroll Family-40.jpg

By the time we met at Lebanon Hills Regional Park, Abby was already ready for a nap - being adorable is tough work, you know!! We did eventually persuade her to wake up and smile and coo at the camera and my heart immediately proceeded to melt.

Then - another heart melter - Nicholas, Abby’s older brother, was so fun to watch and listen to as he proudly told me all about his baby sister and begged his mom for his turn to hold her. He is definitely his little sister’s #1 fan and protector.

An hour flew by in no time with this lovely family and I honestly couldn’t think of a better way to spend my Friday night.

Congrats to you Amanda, Whan, and Nicholas on the arrival of Abby, the newest and most perfect addition to your family. I’m honored to have been able to capture this chapter in your lives for you.