Brad & Owen - A walk in the woods with friends

I was lucky enough to take a walk in the woods near Shady Oak Lake with these two a couple weeks ago. I’ve been friends with Brad for several years and have had the awesome opportunity of watching his son, Owen, grow into the little gentleman he is today.

2019 has come with its fair share of challenges for these two but they’ve never once let it get them down. To celebrate life reaching a new kind of normalcy, Brad reached out to me to get some updated family photos to hang in their home!

I wanted to make sure we got an opportunity to take some photos of these two doing their favorite things together -sports, snuggles, and fishing…

Brad & Owen-7.jpg
Brad & Owen-35.jpg

We had a great day to walk around outside and explore: the sun was out, there was a nice breeze, and it was early enough in the season to not be attacked by a swarm of mosquitos! Owen especially loved exploring the woods and Brad got the opportunity to teach him how to count the rings of a tree to find out how old it was.

I really wanted to get some fishing photos because Brad is an avid fisherman and Owen is closely following in his footsteps, but the water in Minnesota has been very high and the dock was still completely covered. So instead, Owen showed me his mad baseball skills with some catch practice with his dad. Owen has a wicked fast arm and is spot on MOST of the time. However, I would be lying if I told you that I didn’t have to duck a time or two to avoid a baseball in the face.

All in all, this session ended up being more about enjoying a relaxing hike with friends than actual work. Instead of driving home tired and worn down from a grueling work day, I drove home with a light heart and a smile on my face. I consider myself extremely fortunate for the words “clients” and “friends” to be synonymous in my personal vocabulary.

Brad & Owen-79.jpg