Owen is of"FISH"ally 1!


This sweet little boy is Of”fish”ally 1! To celebrate, his momma brought him to meet me near Medicine Lake for his own dedicated photo session.

You see, when you have two older sisters like Owen has, it is important to get a little dedicated “Owen” time.

Even though Owen wasn’t too keen on the idea of smiling for me and my camera, he did show off some of his professional sport poses he’s obviously been working very hard on. I’m pretty sure we have a future NFL or NBA player here you guys…

You may not be able to tell from these photos but we almost had to reschedule our session because of severe storms! When I left my house to head to Medicine Lake I drove through near constant lightning and rain so heavy it flooded the streets. While I was driving there I was growing increasingly doubtful of how successful our session would be. It poured rain and even some small hail down on my car just until I came within a mile of the park and then- just like that -it was dry!!... like it had never rained at all!

With the sun out and it quickly turning into a beautiful summer evening, we proceeded to take Owen all over the park for photos. We even carved out some time for him to pick some flowers for his mom too! Take one look at that sweet face and tell me your heart doesn’t melt!


While he never did smile for me specifically, you’ll notice I did manage to capture some of his smiles he reserves just for his mom. Happy 1st Birthday sweet Owen, I’m so excited to see you grow up from a baby into a little man!