Violette & Bruce - Commitment Ceremony


On a hot June Saturday, I had the honor of meeting Violette and Bruce in person for the first time. It was their wedding day, but more importantly to them - it was a day to bring their loved ones together to celebrate their commitment to one another and the beginning of their new life in California.

The first time I spoke with Violette was in the very early spring, during one of our many snowstorms we got in Minnesota last winter (there were so many it’s impossible to recall which one). At that time she was home in San Diego so we were not able to meet in person, but she commiserated with me as I explained the view outside my window. Our call to talk about wedding photography details soon turned into a conversation on life and its many twists and turns it will take you on, and before I knew it an hour had passed. When I hung up the phone I felt so connected to her and could hardly wait until June to meet her and the man she chose to spend the final chapter of her life with.

I can’t say enough about this couple and their family. The garden room in the Lowell Inn in Stillwater was where the ceremony and lunch was held, and for the entire afternoon the room was filled to the brim with love, laughter, and even a couple of happy tears.

Another memorable part of this wedding was the opportunity to work with my dad as my second photographer. Our family dynamic felt so natural and welcomed in Violette and Bruce’s day and we are both so thankful and appreciative of that.


Shortly after the celebrations, Violette and Bruce bid goodbye to their family and friends here in the midwest and began their road trip to their new home together in California.

My dad and I were both so happy and honored to meet spunky Violette and her devoted and loving Bruce. The love they have for each other and their combined family and friends was humbling and heart warming.

Cheers to you Violette and Bruce, and to many more years of happiness and love!

-Laura & Brian