Neenah is 1!!

Neenah is 1-2.jpg

Neenah the birthday princess is one!

She wasn’t sure what to think about me and my camera hanging around, but we managed to catch some fun times with her and her older siblings at the park anyway.

I love when I get to meet with the Tiegen family, it’s so fun to see how much these kiddos absolutely adore each other.

Quinn is the best big sister, always looking for an opportunity to carry or hold Neenah. She is the first to volunteer to sing or make funny faces to coax giggles out of her little sister.

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Neenah is 1-63.jpg

Noah is a gentle and loving big brother. He always knows just how to calm Neenah down and make her smile after she’s been upset.

Even though the smiles were rare and fleeting during our time together, the ones we did get from Neenah are so beautiful. Take a look at that sweet face and try not to smile too. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to spend time with the sweet Tiegen family and hopeful for the potential to see these wonderful kids grow in the years to come.

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