Soren-On-The-Cob - 6 Month Session


You many not recognize this little dude from his session earlier this year, I hardly did!

Soren has grown so much in the last 6(ish) months, it was like meeting a whole new little person! Mom and Dad made sure he got plenty of beauty rest prior to my arrival. In fact, he had just woken up when we started shooting so he spent the beginning of our session a little bewildered trying to figure out just who I was and why I had this weird thing in front of my face!

It wasn’t long before mom and dad helped me crack the code to getting Soren smiles. There were lots of tickles, kisses, and my absolute favorite - Dad’s bit of “Soren on the Cob”, (belly tickles and raspberries).


Soren has mostly mastered the art of sitting up on his own, but as you’ll see above we had a blooper or two along the way. Bloopers aside, he is an absolute trooper and stayed in good spirits through the whole session.

At the very end, we even got to do a milk bath and Soren got to try oranges for the very first time! He ended up loving them, and as a consequence we had a hard time getting him to put them down!

Happy 6 months little man, so excited to see how you continue to grow and discover the world around you!