Baby Jaxson

On March 25th, beautiful baby boy Jaxson entered this world to meet his mom and dad.

A mere 4 days later, I had the incredible honor of taking his first portraits.


It’s always encouraging to hear mom and dad “Oooo”-ing and “Ahhhh”-ing as you’re taking photos of their babe. Even though I’d LOVE to take credit for them being so impressed, that admiration was all for Mr. Jaxson and how much of an absolute trooper he was for nearly the entire session.


Even though Mr. Jaxson tolerated me for an amazingly long amount of time, he did eventually have enough of my shenanigans and made it clear he wanted some quality Mom & Dad (and thumb-sucking) time.


Nothing quite makes my weekend than the opportunity to snuggle with a newborn baby and to witness the overwhelming and unconditional love and awe that comes with a new family addition.

Thank you to Jaxson and his parents for welcoming me in to their precious world capture his first few days on this little planet called Earth.

Sara & Her Boys (Java & Teddy)!

Sara, Java, & Teddy-119.jpg

First, I’ll introduce the old boss man, Java. He may be getting up in years, but he doesn’t show his age one bit. He had me working hard chasing him throughout the studio - in many of the photos I took he’s just a cream blur!

Sara, Java, & Teddy-25.jpg
Sara, Java, & Teddy-10.jpg
Sara, Java, & Teddy-6.jpg
Sara, Java, & Teddy-95.jpg
Sara, Java, & Teddy-67.jpg

Next up is the baby boy, Mr. Theodore McFluffington, but all his friends call him Teddy. I challenge you to look at this sweet little lover boy and not smile - it’s impossible!

As I was editing his photos, I realized I had the goofiest grin on my face from looking at this cute little guy.

Mr. Teddy is a goofball - always smiling and looking for a way to make you smile too. He reminded me of an actually teddy bear crossed with a little bit of an arctic fox. All around ADORABLE.

He definitely was the more obedient of the two boys, he listens very closely to his mamma and he even accommodated my “sit” and “stay” requests!

Sara, Java, & Teddy-35.jpg
Sara, Java, & Teddy-111.jpg

I grew up on a hobby farm surrounded by all varieties of animals and as a result my life is just not complete without having animals in it. So when Sara reached out to me looking for information on a photo-shoot with her two fur-babies I was ALL ABOUT IT.

I mean, who wouldn’t want a photo-shoot with their dogs (aka best friends)? I knew immediately when we started talking and exchanging photos of our fur-babies that Sara and I were totally going to jive and have a blast together for this session.

Her two boys, Java and Theodore McFluffington (Teddy for short) are her world and you can tell just how much they all love each other within the first few minutes of meeting them!

So without further ado, I’d like to tell you a little more about this awesome threesome…

Sara, Java, & Teddy-4.jpg
Sara, Java, & Teddy-33.jpg

Java enjoys things like… kissing ALL the ladies, treats, more treats, exploring new places and all the sniffs, even more treats, standing up on his back legs (see left) and jumping as high as he can to impress the ladies he wants to kiss. He also has the cutest little crooked tail that you ever did see!

Sara, Java, & Teddy-112.jpg

Java was definitely a very good boy and a VERY good model for me. I even got some kisses at the end our session from this little sweetheart!

Sara, Java, & Teddy-37.jpg
Sara, Java, & Teddy-62.jpg

One of Teddy’s favorite things to do is jump right up into Mamma’s arms, it’s “his spot” to be close and cuddle with his Mom. Unlike his older brother, he’s not too fond of kisses, but he sure does love cuddling with Mom.

I can’t say enough about this little threesome, they are so adorable and so full of love for each other that it makes my heart sing.

Thank you Sara for giving me the opportunity to spend some time with all of you and capture your little family.

Sara, Java, & Teddy-79.jpg

LC Photography - COLORADO!!!


Jessica and I are so excited to announce something we’ve been working on for awhile now. Drum roll please….

LC Photography is officially active and booking sessions now in Denver!!!

Initially, it was heartbreaking to hear that my partner and dearest friend Jessica was moving away in order to take better care of her family. Even though it was clearly the best choice for her well being, the move left a huge open question mark on the future of our photography partnership we’d built over the last few years. Who was going to be my right hand at weddings now?

In the last few weeks, I flew to meet Jessica in Colorado to talk strategy and fit in one of our annual road trips (we missed ours for 2018!). We packed up her car and headed up into the mountains near Carbondale, CO to sit in the natural Penny hot springs and strategize - not a bad business meeting in my opinion!!

So for all you peeps out in Colorado or who know someone in the Denver area, please check Jessica out for your next photo session whether it is family, engagement, maternity, newborn, etc. She’s one heck of a talented photographer!

We are running a special to get the word out about her availability now in Colorado, check it out below!

Colorado Feb 2019-6.jpg

Colorado Grand Opening Special

1 hour session fee of $150 includes:

  • Up to 60 minutes of shooting time

  • Travel within 50 miles of Denver proper

  • A digital album of all edited photos with full printing rights.

Don’t need the full hour or maybe just want a couple good portraits? Never fear - the mini-session is here!

Colorado Feb 2019-11.jpg

Mini-session fee of $75 includes:

  • Up to 30 minutes of shooting time

  • Travel within 50 miles of Denver proper

  • A digital album with up to 10 edited photos with full printing rights.

This special ends April 1st, so get on her calendar soon!

We are also booking weddings in Colorado as our usual two photographer team!! If you are interested in a wedding quote or booking a session with Jessica click the following link:


Kelly & Erik are engaged!

Owls are one of my favorite creatures. Did you know that barn owls are one of the few animals that mate for life?

I share a love of owls with this lovely couple as well. In fact, they met searching for owls to photograph. After bonding over the mutual passion for owls and for photography, Kelly and Erik fell fast in love.

Kelly & Erik-44.jpg

We met at Elm Creek Park Reserve to take some engagement shots, the same location for their July wedding! It wasn’t long after we arrived that Erik started making some owl calls to see if any were around.

Kelly & Erik-83.jpg
Kelly & Erik-8.jpg
Kelly & Erik-5.jpg

We even spotted some signs of owls around the park while continuing our shoot. As you can see they were REALLY excited!

I’m so very excited for these two to get married next summer! So many more beautiful photos of them and their family to come!

Congratulations Erik & Kelly!

Easton-saurus is 1!


Easton is making his second official appearance on the blog today. Remember this cute guy from a year ago? Easton is the little miracle that was just a LITTLE too excited to meet the world, so he decided to show up early!

Well sweet Mr. Easton is officially a 1 year old, and I got to help him celebrate in the studio with some of his favorite things! Things like….


…Dinosaur books…

…Dinosaur books AND balloons!!!…

Easton's 1-51.jpg
Easton's 1-40.jpg
Easton's 1-62.jpg

… and his favorite people too- his Mom and Dad!

Easton's 1-121.jpg

As any 1 year old should be, Easton is growing fast and toddling around faster than I could keep up with - so fast that by then end of our session I was winded!

After we wrapped up, this cute little bundle of joy and his parents headed over to visit the hospital and the NICU nurse that helped him so much in the first weeks of his life.

Reflecting on Easton’s first year reminds me of how strong this little dude is and how far he’s come. I’m so honored to capture his spirit and watch him continue to grow.

Happy Birthday sweet Easton!!

Baby Soren

In the midst of the holidays, I met Aaron and Stephanie for the very first time at Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis. They were just days away from meeting their firstborn, a baby boy.

Unfortunately it’s been a very brown winter here in Minnesota so we didn’t get the nice white glow we were hoping for, but - as you’ll see- Stephanie was glowing more than enough to compensate.

On that note, I’d like to I take a moment to shout out some MAJOR props to Stephanie for trekking around an icy park in the middle of winter WHEN she’s 9 months pregnant. She’s amazing! Aaron is pretty amazing too, since he was always there to keep her balanced and warm.

They claimed they’re usually awkward in front of the camera but they look like naturals to me, don’t you agree?

So with two weeks till the induction date, we wrapped up our session and waited for baby boy to arrive…

Soren Newborn-5.jpg

… January 5, 2019: Baby Soren Ray made his grand entrance into this world.

He is the sleepiest, snuggliest, sweetest little boy!

No lies, this sweet one didn’t cry ONCE for me during the entire hour we spent together.

It was such an honor to capture his first week in this world and if I’m lucky, I hope I’ll be able to see him grow up. >Fingers crossed<

Soren Newborn-39.jpg
Soren Newborn-26.jpg
Soren Newborn-57.jpg
Soren Newborn-56.jpg

Sarah & John | Winter Wonderland Wedding

When we initially met to talk about photography options for their wedding, Sarah and John both were hoping for snow on the ground for a white winter wedding. Having a November wedding in Minnesota is a serious gamble but their risk paid off.

Our day began at the Oak Ridge Conference Center in Chaska, where both the ceremony and reception was held.

After all the details were finalized, Sarah and John were ready for their first look. They had both prepared letters to share with each other before the wedding day. Anxiously awaiting to see Sarah for the first time, letter in hand, we positioned John outside the elevator door. When the doors opened…


After Sarah and John took a moment to share their first look alone, we began to head out into the winter wonderland that had started to appear outside.

Sarah was wearing her Grandma’s fur that had been handed down for the occasion to keep her warm and make the picture perfect winter bride.

All bundled up, the whole party headed out into snow globe outside.


It was truly a magical day for a beautiful couple. The candlelight ceremony was quickly followed by some dueling pianos and great food.

Here’s wishing the best in the new year and all the years to come for these two and their families.


Teigen Family Photos

Ok - I’m WAY behind on keeping the blog updated. It’s been a madly busy fall with travel, buying a new house, and moving into it! Even though it’s terribly late, I am so excited to share some photos from my Teigen family session in the beginning of November.

Krista was looking for some new photos for her cooking blog,!

While I was there, we got to grab some family photos as well. It was a dreary day, so we started in their beautiful living room and the kids had fun telling me all about themselves.


Since I was already at their house, we decided to sneak in a few family photos. These kids LOVED having their picture taken and even more, they loved telling me all about their new baby sister. I mean, look at these cuties!!


Eventually dad and grandma showed up too, just in time for the weather to clear so we got to explore the neighborhood a bit before I bid farewell to this adorable little family.


Demos Family Photos

One of my favorite spots in the metro area to take photos is at Burwell Park in Minnetonka. It’s been one of my go-to’s for years now, and I thought it would be the perfect place to meet the Demos family for the first time.


The weather was beautiful but BRISK and Miss Addie Mae was not keen on having her photos taken that day. But, as you’ll see, it didn’t take long for her to warm up to the idea of me and my camera. Before I knew it, the session became more of a model shoot for Addie Mae!

It was actually Dominic’s 1st birthday that prompted the family photos, but he didn’t seem to mind at all that his big sister was stealing the spotlight.


The golden hues of this season are one of many reasons fall is my favorite time of year.

Watching the kids make the most of the fallen leaves and hearing the giggles as they ran and played - it all makes my “job” so much more than a job!

As we transition into November, it’s sessions like these that remind me how incredibly grateful I am for my clients and the opportunity I get to provide these photos for them.

Cheers to many more to come (and hopefully more with this sweet family!)

Vetruba Family Photos

One of my very first family photos shoots ever was with the Vetruba clan YEARS ago at their home in Howard Lake, MN. Since then, I’ve been able to watch the family grow, move to Wichita, and back to Minnesota again. Along the way the family adopted sweet, silly Scout, their sweet fox terrier.

We decided that their family photos this year should be taken at Lake Rebecca Park near their current home in Delano. It snowed that morning, but the snow let up and the leaves were on point for fall colors by the time we all met up! Look at those bright yellows!


Scout is a reliable source of comedic relief - he’s a dork and he didn’t really get the whole concept of family photos. Also, being around water made him REALLY nervous. Good thing he’s so cute it doesn’t really matter if his eyes are open or if he’s looking at the camera.


I adore the closeness that Hailey and Jadin have as siblings. Don’t get me wrong, they fight as brothers and sisters should - but at the end of the day they ALWAYS have each other’s back. Most siblings this age would roll their eyes at me if I asked them to do a piggy-back ride shot - not these two!! I mean, how cute are they!?!

As always, the Vetruba family photos were a great success and great fun too! I love this family dearly and am so lucky that they are not only my clients but my friends.

Thering Family Photos

If you were in Minneapolis a couple weeks ago, you may remember a Sunday when the we got our first snow that accumulated on the ground. It was this day that I ventured up to St. Michael to meet the Thering family for photos in their picturesque back yard.


The snow stopped just as I arrived so we all bundled up to head to the backyard for photos next to the bubbling creek that runs the property line.

This crew was great and such troopers to endure the chilly air so we could make the most of the fall colors. It helped make the cold bearable knowing that afterward everyone could go warm up next to the fire!


Penelope | 2018 Super Real Estate Agent

If you’ve met me you probably already know that I am an entrepreneurial spirit, starting and growing my photography business from scratch the past 6+ years. However, not many people know that I am also an aspiring real estate investor and recently started my second business, LC Property Management. I’m set to close on my next investment property in just about two weeks and I would have never been able to pull off getting this far in this journey if it weren’t for the help and guidance of Penelope Austin.

Not only do I consider Penelope a dear and cherished friend, she is also my partner in making my real estate dreams a reality. She’s been there to help me search for the perfect properties around Minneapolis and find quality tenants to occupy them. This could easily be a very daunting undertaking, but with Penelope’s help and expertise, it’s just been fun and exciting!

With all that being said, it really comes as no surprise that Penelope has been nominated as a 2018 Super Real Estate Agent. So obviously, to celebrate she needed a new set of head shots and I was honored to take them for her!

Not only is Penelope great at her job, a fantastic friend, but she’s also a great and active contributor to her community and also a lover of ALL dogs.

If any of you wonderful readers out there are in the market to buy, sell, or rent a new home, I would highly recommend this wonderful lady! You can find her contact info on her page here:


Helgeson Family Photos

You might remember these two sweet girls from a post earlier this year? It’s not often that I get to see this dynamic duo TWICE in one year, but this year brought something very special to the Helgeson family.

The last time I saw the Helgeson family, it was the day of the royal wedding and Natalie and Charlotte dressed in their absolute best for our photo session at the Como Zoo Conservatory. At that time, this darling little family was anxiously awaiting the arrival of their newest sibling. Both Natalie and Charlotte were REALLY hoping for a baby brother, and guess what?!?…

Helgeson Fall-41.jpg

…they got the baby brother they were hoping for!!!! Enter Mr. Owen…

Helgeson Fall-24.jpg

Owen is the CHILLEST babe I’ve had in a photo session. This little dude was just happy to hang out and he’s very patient with his two older sisters. The whole family is thrilled to have Owen as part of the gang, but I don’t think anyone is more excited to have another guy in the family than dad, Nate.

He’s still outnumbered by the ladies in the family, but now he has Owen to commiserate with. ;)

Helgeson Fall-55.jpg

I’ve watched the Helgeson family grow since Natalie was just 6 months old and I am so honored I was able to meet the newest addition. They are making another big move and building their own house, expected to finish this fall. I can’t wait to see what goodness the future continues to bring to this sweet family.

Maria | Senior Photos

Maria traveled all the way from a small town in Norway to Minnesota for the year to participate in a foreign exchange program. Her host mom happens to be a good friend of mine and connected Maria with me so she could experience the American tradition of Senior Portraits.

Maria Senior Photos-3.jpg

Based on the portraits you’d never be able to tell, but Maria has never had her portrait taken by anyone other than her father! She was a natural in front of the camera and such a blast to hang out with.

For her portraits, she visited my home location in Downtown Minneapolis where I introduced her to the Stone Arch Bridge, the Guthrie, and my rooftop with a great view of the Minneapolis skyline.

Maria Senior Photos-41.jpg
Maria Senior Photos-38.jpg

I couldn’t help but gush over how absolutely beautiful she is - I mean, those eyes, right? They LITERALLY twinkle!

When we made our way to the Stone Arch Bridge, she changed into a sweater her grandmother hand knit for her and told me stories of her hometown and her adjustment to the American lifestyle.

Her host family has become an extension of her family back home. She’s bonded especially closely with her host sister and brother, one of which was able to tag along for the session (pictured below)!

Later that night we went back to her host home so we could have dinner and get some photos with her two new favorite dogs, Marley and Charlie. This is especially fitting as Maria thinks she wants to continue her education in veterinary medicine.

It was such an honor to meet this sweet girl and take her portraits for her senior year of high school. Welcome to America lovely Maria, best of luck to you in your studies and time here!

Maria Senior Photos-66.jpg
Maria Senior Photos-68.jpg

Seagren Family Photos

I took a stroll through Theodore Wirth park in Minneapolis a couple weeks ago with the lovely Seagren family.

When I first met the Seagrens, Maeve wasn’t even able to walk yet and we toted her around in her little red wagon. Then, just a few short years later, Sylvie arrived and taught Maeve all about being a big sister. Now they are both growing so fast and developing very distinct and fun personalities.


Maeve is the quintessential big sister. She’s patient, kind, so sensitive, and loves telling embarrassing stories of her younger sister. She shared stories about her school too and all her friends there!

She was proud to show off the teeth that she had recently lost and tell me all about the tooth fairy’s visits. Oh, how I love when kiddos have those gappy smiles.

Sylvie the bold, the brave, and the silly. This little nugget has more personality in her little body than five average adults combined! In stark contrast to Maeve, she can tumble and fall and just gets right back up and continues on her way without a blink of an eye.

She definitely thinks she is the boss of the family, especially her older sister. However, when she thinks no one is looking, you can see her paying close attention to Maeve to make sure she’s just like her.

These two sisters are so different from one another but love each other so much, can’t you just tell from the pictures they take together? They make quite the dynamic duo to round out the whole Seagren family.


It’s always a pleasure to take a walk with these four. I love listening to the girls running, giggling, and bantering back and forth with each other.

Needless to say, Mom and Dad have done such a fantastic job creating a family filled to the brim with love and happiness.


Cecelia is ONE!

This girl is one whopping year old - I can’t believe it! She’s got a lot to show for her first year here too - she’s become very adept at nonsensical chatting, she’s worked hard at growing her pearly whites, and she is even on the brink of walking all on her own!


She’s all about exploring the world around her with her hands… and mouth. To be honest, haven’t you always wondered what a flower tastes like? Well, Cece can tell you - not very good.

Her favorite people are her mom and dad (duh!), but she loves just about everyone - she even let me hold her and snuggle with her a little while!


This little bundle of pure, unfiltered joy was exactly the reminder I needed to be excited, grateful, and curious to explore the world we live in. Time slips through our hands so quickly and before you know it, another year has passed!

Ms. Cecelia has many accomplishments to show for her last year, how about you?


Sarah & John | Engaged!

It’s hard to believe it was just a couple short weeks ago the temps in Minneapolis were above 90 degrees and it was as HUMID as a tropical forest. It was on one of these stifling hot days that I met Sarah and John and their two pups, Lucy & Bella, for their engagement session. We met downtown in the Mill District to get some Minneapolis shots.

Sarah & John-81.jpg

Lucy and Bella had a little trouble with the concept of a family photo shoot (Above: Bella (Left) Lucy (Right)), but I think we managed to get some good shots of all the love here. Bella especially soaks up all the hugs and cuddles she can, and they both get VERY nervous when mom and dad are out of sight.

It’s been nearly a decade since I’ve met Sarah at my first real professional job. It was also at her work, quite a few years later, that she met John - connecting at a cross-department happy hour- and the rest is history!

Sarah & John-28.jpg

Now it will be just over a month until they tie the knot at their beautiful fall wedding. You’ll be seeing much more of these two in November….

Sarah & John-55.jpg

TeVogt Family Photos

I’ve had the honor of taking the TeVogt family photos for the entirety of my photography career, over 5 years! I’ve been able to watch the kids grow up, get married, and this year - a new grandbaby! (See Easton’s Newborn Session earlier this year)!!

This gang is always a blast to hang out with, and this year’s session was no exception. We checked out the Noerenberg Memorial Gardens in Orono, MN. If you live in the Twin Cities and haven’t been here yet, check it out!! It’s a beautiful collection of gardens and rolling lawns that lead down to Lake Minnetonka.

We had a perfectly warm breezy September day to grab updated shots of all the family. I got to hear updates on all of the family’s activities, from jobs to cheerleading competitions, and even training for Hockey - all the kiddos are growing up so fast. This is one family that truly, honestly enjoys their time together and it always warms my heart to witness the love they have for one another. I hope you enjoy the highlights from the TeVogt family session!

Tvogt Family-305.jpg
Tvogt Family-70.jpg
Tvogt Family-146.jpg

Madeleine Adele | Newborn

After making her mom and dad wait 2 extra weeks for her arrival, Ms. Madeleine Adele graced the world with her presence on August 24th. Not long after, I got to spend a calm evening with the new family taking Maddie's first set of portraits. 

This sweet, calm little snuggle bug already has her daddy's good taste in music (we were spinning Norah Jones records) and has her mom's angelic good looks! She is patient with her older sibling Coconut when he barks and loves being held by all her mom and dad's friends. 

Welcome to the world Madeleine Adele, the world already loves you so much! XOXO


Tapia Family Photos

I topped off a busy and stressful week of work with an amazing, short, and sweet session with the Tapia family. Denise had won a session with me in a local fundraiser and boy am I glad she did! This family was so fun and so natural in front of the camera (even those that didn't want to be *cough, Ian*)!!

Tapia Family-2.jpg

Oh and I didn't forget the best part! - What is one of the best reasons for a photo shoot? The family's Abuela lives out of the country and was in town to visit! 

Tapia Family-40.jpg

I'm so thankful I got the opportunity to spend my Friday evening with this beautiful family. Until next time Tapia family, hopefully not the Tapia standard of 2 years ;) !