Ella's Senior Photos on Minnehaha Creek


I had the amazing opportunity a week or so ago to take a walk with Ella alongside Minnehaha Creek to take her senior photos.

We had so much fun enjoying one of the last warm summer nights and the golden sun that came with it.

Quite possibly the sweetest girl alive, she laughed at all my lame jokes and made me feel like I may actually be funny! She told me all about her summer, enjoying time on Lake Minnetonka and what she was looking forward in the school year ahead of her. She also told me about her plans for college and how she’ll like end up out of state.


Ella was joined by her support posse and comedic relief, her mom and her Auntie. The three of them made me laugh and smile so much that by the time I left for home, my face hurt.

I love spending time with seniors. They are on the brink of this huge new chapter in their life and glowing with excitement. Ella was no exception, this coming year and following have so many good things in store for her and her family.

Congrats Ella! Wishing you all the best in your senior year!


Rory & Kelly - Love on the greens

It’s not often that you meet two people as genuine as Rory and Kelly. I’ve been meeting with these two over the course of the summer to help plan their wedding day and scope their photography needs as the plan came together. Each time we met I could see more and more of the deep partnership these two have as they navigated the murky and overwhelming waters of wedding planning. Admirably, these two mastered planning a beautiful and intimate event that reflected both of their authentic selves.


Rory and Kelly’s day was filled with close friends and family who showed up to support both their future partnership together as well as all the hard work they put in to get there. It was one of those perfect summer days - clear blue skies, sizzling hot, and good company all around.


The wedding was set at Rush Creek Golf Course which provided an epic backdrop for their guests as the couple exchanged vows. Short and sweet (thanks to the heat), their ceremony reflected back on how these two met, the growth they’ve achieved together, and the bright future ahead of them and their family.


After the ceremony, we all headed back indoors to enjoy the A/C with dinner and drinks to celebrate the new nuptials. I’m so happy for these two and so excited for them to start their new life together.

Congratulations Rory and Kelly, wishing you the best for all of life’s new adventures ahead of you.

Miss Madeleine Adele is One!

Nothing beats a good “then & now” post, especially when I get to write about someone I love!!

If you’re a blog follower, you may recognize the sweet girl below from Maddie’s newborn session a year ago - I marvel at how tiny her little fingers were!


Just last weekend I had the honor to be part of Madeleine’s one year birthday celebration. It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year since I took the photos above.

She started off the day with her own dedicated photo-shoot followed by a backyard party with friends, family, and her favorite food- FRUIT.

True to her age, Maddie is quickly learning (and using) the power she has to communicate with the world through her facial expressions and crying. The results are intense and swift mood changes that are quite impressive!!

Apart from being hilarious, this stage in her development is so fun for me as a photographer because you can start to see hints of what adult Madeleine will look like as she cycles through her moods and expressions.

Mads came prepared with some of her favorite people and things to feature in her photos - She brought her ball and other toys, her dog Coconut, and her favorite people in the whole world - her Mom and Dad (Grandpa too)! Our session was brief so afterward she could head home for a power nap before her party guests arrived.

I consider myself incredibly blessed to know and love this sweet girl and her family. The world has been a much brighter place since she arrived a year ago and I’m so looking forward to seeing how she grows in the years to come.

Happy Birthday sweet Madeleine!!


Aspen's Senior Photos @ The Farm


Senior photo sessions are some of the most fun, carefree sessions I have, and Aspen is no exception. This girl is SUCH a blast!!

Not only was Aspen super cool with the last minute 6am wake up on a Saturday, but also amazingly chill about getting down and dirty at the farm for her senior photos.

Recently, my parent’s farm in Zimmerman has become an available venue for photos and Aspen is the first to try it out. Her mom, Nancy, partners closely with my dad’s general contracting business and they brainstormed using the farm as the perfect backdrop for Aspen’s photos.


Nancy and I had been trying to plan this session for weeks only to get canceled by inclimate weather. Those pesky MN storms!

With only a day or two notice, we decided this was going to be the day.

Because the trees open up toward the East on the farm, morning light is the best. With this in mind, Aspen, her mom, and her little sister all hiked up to Zimmerman- coffee in hand- to hang out with me and my parents for the morning.


Not only did we have a blast taking some gorgeous photos of Aspen, but the whole gang got to meet all the animals on the farm as well - including all the mosquitos and bugs that come with horses and chickens! Aspen is a trooper though and I am so incredibly happy with how her photos turned out, bugs aside. We even got to sneak a couple shots with one of the horses and some with her little sister, Magdalene!

Cheers to you and your senior year Aspen. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to capture this time in your life for you. You’re a beautiful spirit inside and out and I’m so excited to see what life has in store for your future!


Soren-On-The-Cob - 6 Month Session


You many not recognize this little dude from his session earlier this year, I hardly did!

Soren has grown so much in the last 6(ish) months, it was like meeting a whole new little person! Mom and Dad made sure he got plenty of beauty rest prior to my arrival. In fact, he had just woken up when we started shooting so he spent the beginning of our session a little bewildered trying to figure out just who I was and why I had this weird thing in front of my face!

It wasn’t long before mom and dad helped me crack the code to getting Soren smiles. There were lots of tickles, kisses, and my absolute favorite - Dad’s bit of “Soren on the Cob”, (belly tickles and raspberries).


Soren has mostly mastered the art of sitting up on his own, but as you’ll see above we had a blooper or two along the way. Bloopers aside, he is an absolute trooper and stayed in good spirits through the whole session.

At the very end, we even got to do a milk bath and Soren got to try oranges for the very first time! He ended up loving them, and as a consequence we had a hard time getting him to put them down!

Happy 6 months little man, so excited to see how you continue to grow and discover the world around you!


Neenah is 1!!

Neenah is 1-2.jpg

Neenah the birthday princess is one!

She wasn’t sure what to think about me and my camera hanging around, but we managed to catch some fun times with her and her older siblings at the park anyway.

I love when I get to meet with the Tiegen family, it’s so fun to see how much these kiddos absolutely adore each other.

Quinn is the best big sister, always looking for an opportunity to carry or hold Neenah. She is the first to volunteer to sing or make funny faces to coax giggles out of her little sister.

Neenah is 1-55.jpg
Neenah is 1-63.jpg

Noah is a gentle and loving big brother. He always knows just how to calm Neenah down and make her smile after she’s been upset.

Even though the smiles were rare and fleeting during our time together, the ones we did get from Neenah are so beautiful. Take a look at that sweet face and try not to smile too. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to spend time with the sweet Tiegen family and hopeful for the potential to see these wonderful kids grow in the years to come.

Neenah is 1-47.jpg

Amrutha & Sam | Engagement Session


It was on a steamy Sunday morning a couple weeks ago that I met Amrutha and Sam for their engagement photos. This session had been in the works since mid-April when I originally met these two for the first time for a wedding consult over some coffee at Rustica.

Amrutha and Sam met at work when they were assigned to a project together. Over the course of the project, they developed a close friendship which laid a rock-solid foundation for their love to blossom. It doesn’t take long for anyone to be able to spot how deep their connection is to one another.


Sam and Amrutha got engaged near US Bank stadium right before attending a concert on a date night. They told me the story of how Sam had originally planned to propose on a walk across the Stone Arch bridge before the concert, and then how those plans got foiled by someone else with the exact same idea! He improvised well shortly after with a proposal in The Commons in the heart of downtown Minneapolis instead.

Fast forward a little bit to this summer and these two just closed on their first home together and are planning a fall wedding ceremony at the same time. Talk about multi-tasking!

I am so excited to be a part of Amrutha and Sam’s special day this September. They are planning an intimate ceremony with only family and close friends on the patio at the French Meadow Bakery.

Shortly after the ceremony here in the US, the newlyweds will travel to India for another more traditional Indian ceremony with Amrutha’s extended family - I only wish I could capture that with my camera!

Stay tuned to the blog for more on these two coming this fall…

Owen is of"FISH"ally 1!


This sweet little boy is Of”fish”ally 1! To celebrate, his momma brought him to meet me near Medicine Lake for his own dedicated photo session.

You see, when you have two older sisters like Owen has, it is important to get a little dedicated “Owen” time.

Even though Owen wasn’t too keen on the idea of smiling for me and my camera, he did show off some of his professional sport poses he’s obviously been working very hard on. I’m pretty sure we have a future NFL or NBA player here you guys…

You may not be able to tell from these photos but we almost had to reschedule our session because of severe storms! When I left my house to head to Medicine Lake I drove through near constant lightning and rain so heavy it flooded the streets. While I was driving there I was growing increasingly doubtful of how successful our session would be. It poured rain and even some small hail down on my car just until I came within a mile of the park and then- just like that -it was dry!!... like it had never rained at all!

With the sun out and it quickly turning into a beautiful summer evening, we proceeded to take Owen all over the park for photos. We even carved out some time for him to pick some flowers for his mom too! Take one look at that sweet face and tell me your heart doesn’t melt!


While he never did smile for me specifically, you’ll notice I did manage to capture some of his smiles he reserves just for his mom. Happy 1st Birthday sweet Owen, I’m so excited to see you grow up from a baby into a little man!

Berg is the Word | Erik & Kelly

The LC Photography wedding crew got to celebrate the extra long 4th of July weekend this year in the best possible way- a wedding!

Jessica and I met Erik and Kelly at the Elm Creek Park Reserve early in the afternoon. It was a hot and humid day (as can be expected for July in Minnesota) but these two troopers never missed a beat while hiking around the grounds to take their portraits.

Erik and Kelly are both passionate photographers, specializing in wildlife & owl photos. They first met and fell in love searching for owls together and wanted their wedding to reflect the place they’ve spent so much of their time ever since, the woods.

We tried to stay in the shade of the trees as much as we could, but I couldn’t resist the temptation of the dramatic backdrop nature was giving us in the open field. The sun would occasionally hide behind the puffy cumulus clouds, giving us some relief and opportunity to get out in the open.


This wasn’t just a special day for Kelly & Erik, but also a very important day for Kelly’s two daughters Delia and Alaina, who were officially gaining a stepfather. Delia got to stand up with her mom as a Jr. Bridesmaid and Alaina was supervisor of the flower girl duties.

The sun was kind to us that day and hid behind the clouds for the majority of the ceremony giving Kelly, Erik, and all their guests some relief from the heat. The family celebrated the official union with a beautiful sand ceremony that demonstrated the four of them coming together as one beautiful family.


After the ceremony, we all headed inside to the Elm Creek Park Chalet to celebrate with some drinks, dinner, and dancing. Family had come from near and far, and the room was filled with laughter and love the entire night.

This was an extra special wedding for Jessica and I as photographers because we were also there as guests! Erik is Jessica’s cousin and he holds an incredibly special place in her heart. I was introduced to Erik and his family nearly a decade ago and have been fortunate enough to be able to see his love for Kelly grow throughout the last few years.


As the day came to an end and the sun started to sink to the horizon, I stole Erik and Kelly away from the party for a few moments of quiet and to take advantage of the breathtaking sky nature had given to us that night.

It was an amazing honor to be able to capture the love these two have for each other. Throughout the entire day they demonstrated that not only are they deeply in love, but also the best of friends and teammates.

After the wedding, these two jetted off to honeymoon in Florida for a week on the beach with their cameras, on the hunt for Floridian owls.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Berg on the start of the first beautiful chapter of your lives together as husband and wife!

Lucy is 3 months old!


If you’re a regular visitor here, you may remember this sweet face from her debut on the blog earlier this spring. Lucy is already 3 months old now and more beautiful than ever.

The entire Schipper family met me in downtown St. Paul for her 3 month shoot on a perfect summer Saturday morning. The most entertaining member of Lucy’s entourage also happens to be her number one fan and big sister, Cora. I look at these photos and smile ear to ear because I can still hear Cora’s infectious giggle as she found her way into all kinds of trouble in the park

These two sisters have a stark contrast in personality so far. Cora, is bold, dramatic, and utterly captivating. Lucy is calm, graceful (yes, this baby has some serious grace), and brings the most relaxing, warm presence with her.

Even though they have so many differences, these two sisters are already very tightly bonded. You can tell just by the smile on Cora’s face just how much she loves her baby sister, and you can watch Lucy’s face light up when Cora comes into view.


I am usually happy to complete edits on a session and send the photos off to their respective owners, but this session was different.

Don’t get me wrong - I’m so excited for Tasha and Zach to see all of their photos. But I’m also sad in reaching the end because I don’t have any more photos of Cora to make me giggle, and no more photos of Lucy to gush over. Good thing I only have to wait a few more months until her 6 month session!!

Baby Girl Wubben - Part 1...

Wubben Maternity-7.jpg

It won’t be long now until Brad and Kendra welcome their first child into this world.

Baby girl Wubben is due around the end of August and both mom and dad can’t wait to meet her (oh!- and her photographer too!).

Wubben Maternity-14.jpg

I met the Wubbens at West Bush Lake Park in Bloomington for our maternity session on a sizzling HOT Sunday. These two were so patient with me as I tried to coordinate just where in the park we were to meet. If you know me, you may know I sometimes get easily disoriented.

After finally managing to find each other we started our walk through the park so I could get an opportunity to know them both a little better. I learned that they have been married for several years and put a deliberate focus on enjoying their time together as a unit of 2, working on their careers in law enforcement, and traveling the world before making any additions to their family.

It was obvious to me in just the short amount of time I spent with them how over the moon happy these two are to be expecting.

Baby girl Wubben is a very lucky little lady who is going to come into the world and be welcomed by two phenomenal people she gets to call mom and dad.

And with that I’ll leave this story as “to be continued”…

Wubben Maternity-68.jpg

Anna & Bernard - Engaged!

I have been introduced to some of the most influential and impactful people in my life throughout my experiences in my corporate career - people that have had a lasting impact on my life long after the job is done and gone.

I can say, without a doubt, that Anna is one of those people. Not only is she is a truly beautiful person inside and out, but she consistently sets an example of how to lead in life while still remaining unapologetically authentic to herself - a strength I greatly admire.

I’ve sat at work or the local happy hour spot with her many times to commiserate about the stressors that come with work and life, but more often than not we were trading our war stories of the dating world these days (it’s not easy, folks!).

But then one day, at a company mandated training (when she least suspected it), she met Bernard and he asked her if they could have lunch some time - A lunch that would change everything.


The lunch date started them down a new path and it didn’t take long for either of them to realize that it was the start of their life-long journey together.

Fast forward a bit to today and Anna and Bernard are finalizing the details of their St. Croix Riverboat wedding this fall. To celebrate, the three of us met to take some engagement photos in downtown St. Paul, the city they both now call home.

Even though the weather didn’t cooperate as nicely as I would have liked, we made the best of the evening by exploring the Union Depot and some other nearby spots and eventually ending the night with a round of margaritas.


To say I am excited for Anna and Bernard’s wedding is an understatement. Not only am I thrilled for my friend who has found this wonderful man that is so committed to her and giving her the happiness she deserves, but also for the opportunity to capture their wedding for them… did I mention that the wedding is on a riverboat!?! It doesn’t get much better than that!

Stay tuned as there will be plenty more photos of these two beauties and their nuptials this fall!

Violette & Bruce - Commitment Ceremony


On a hot June Saturday, I had the honor of meeting Violette and Bruce in person for the first time. It was their wedding day, but more importantly to them - it was a day to bring their loved ones together to celebrate their commitment to one another and the beginning of their new life in California.

The first time I spoke with Violette was in the very early spring, during one of our many snowstorms we got in Minnesota last winter (there were so many it’s impossible to recall which one). At that time she was home in San Diego so we were not able to meet in person, but she commiserated with me as I explained the view outside my window. Our call to talk about wedding photography details soon turned into a conversation on life and its many twists and turns it will take you on, and before I knew it an hour had passed. When I hung up the phone I felt so connected to her and could hardly wait until June to meet her and the man she chose to spend the final chapter of her life with.

I can’t say enough about this couple and their family. The garden room in the Lowell Inn in Stillwater was where the ceremony and lunch was held, and for the entire afternoon the room was filled to the brim with love, laughter, and even a couple of happy tears.

Another memorable part of this wedding was the opportunity to work with my dad as my second photographer. Our family dynamic felt so natural and welcomed in Violette and Bruce’s day and we are both so thankful and appreciative of that.


Shortly after the celebrations, Violette and Bruce bid goodbye to their family and friends here in the midwest and began their road trip to their new home together in California.

My dad and I were both so happy and honored to meet spunky Violette and her devoted and loving Bruce. The love they have for each other and their combined family and friends was humbling and heart warming.

Cheers to you Violette and Bruce, and to many more years of happiness and love!

-Laura & Brian

The Carroll Family Photos

Carroll Family-6.jpg

When I first sat down at a Caribou with Amanda for a meet and greet, I had the usual anxiety/nervousness that comes with meeting a new client for the first time. It didn’t take more than a minute of us talking and connecting over corporate work stuff/family life/ you name it before I knew we were a good match!

When we did eventually get to talking about photos, Amanda told me that baby Abby’s arrival was what brought us together. She wanted some updated family photos to capture the newest addition to their little family.

Carroll Family-40.jpg

By the time we met at Lebanon Hills Regional Park, Abby was already ready for a nap - being adorable is tough work, you know!! We did eventually persuade her to wake up and smile and coo at the camera and my heart immediately proceeded to melt.

Then - another heart melter - Nicholas, Abby’s older brother, was so fun to watch and listen to as he proudly told me all about his baby sister and begged his mom for his turn to hold her. He is definitely his little sister’s #1 fan and protector.

An hour flew by in no time with this lovely family and I honestly couldn’t think of a better way to spend my Friday night.

Congrats to you Amanda, Whan, and Nicholas on the arrival of Abby, the newest and most perfect addition to your family. I’m honored to have been able to capture this chapter in your lives for you.


Brad & Owen - A walk in the woods with friends

I was lucky enough to take a walk in the woods near Shady Oak Lake with these two a couple weeks ago. I’ve been friends with Brad for several years and have had the awesome opportunity of watching his son, Owen, grow into the little gentleman he is today.

2019 has come with its fair share of challenges for these two but they’ve never once let it get them down. To celebrate life reaching a new kind of normalcy, Brad reached out to me to get some updated family photos to hang in their home!

I wanted to make sure we got an opportunity to take some photos of these two doing their favorite things together -sports, snuggles, and fishing…

Brad & Owen-7.jpg
Brad & Owen-35.jpg

We had a great day to walk around outside and explore: the sun was out, there was a nice breeze, and it was early enough in the season to not be attacked by a swarm of mosquitos! Owen especially loved exploring the woods and Brad got the opportunity to teach him how to count the rings of a tree to find out how old it was.

I really wanted to get some fishing photos because Brad is an avid fisherman and Owen is closely following in his footsteps, but the water in Minnesota has been very high and the dock was still completely covered. So instead, Owen showed me his mad baseball skills with some catch practice with his dad. Owen has a wicked fast arm and is spot on MOST of the time. However, I would be lying if I told you that I didn’t have to duck a time or two to avoid a baseball in the face.

All in all, this session ended up being more about enjoying a relaxing hike with friends than actual work. Instead of driving home tired and worn down from a grueling work day, I drove home with a light heart and a smile on my face. I consider myself extremely fortunate for the words “clients” and “friends” to be synonymous in my personal vocabulary.

Brad & Owen-79.jpg

Sarah & Ang - New house, new RING!!

Earlier this spring, Sarah reached out to me to schedule a photoshoot to celebrate her and her partner Ang buying their first home together.

When the day finally rolled around for us to meet, I’ll be honest - I was a little nervous! I’ve never done a dedicated session to celebrating a home purchase, a house is a big thing - theoretically and physically - to capture!

I had a lot of ideas running through my head as to the kind of “lifestyle” shoot we could do to capture that just moved in, empty boxes, and slightly disarray/chaotic but beautiful, wonderful vibe of a first time home purchase.

Well, Sarah and Ang make moving look a lot better and a lot easier than I could ever do. Their beautiful home was warm and welcoming and even better, they had a surprise development for me since the last time we talked… a shiny new engagement ring!

I can’t express to you how much fun I had getting to know these two. As I listened to the story of how they met at a mutual friend’s party, how Sarah made the first move and revealed her warm considerate heart to Ang, and how he fell in love with her as a result makes my heart so full.

We ran all over the house and the yard getting all the springtime blooms we could in the photos - I love this time of year!

I felt an instant bond with these two when I met their rescue pup, Omar, and heard his story. Animal rescues are near and dear to my heart because of the three fur babies I have at home.

Sarah & Ang-92.jpg

I thoroughly enjoyed spending my afternoon getting to know Sarah and Ang. They are looking forward to transitioning from planning their move to now planning their wedding, and what a fun one it will be! They are planning a wedding in Minneapolis that will honor both of their Jewish and Buddhist cultural backgrounds. My fingers and toes are crossed over here that they are still looking for a wedding photographer!

Congratulations Sarah & Ang! - Laura

Scott & Adam - 1 Year Anniversary!


On July 14th, 2019 Scott and Adam will be celebrating one year of marriage to each other….can we give them a few HAPPY ANNIVERSARY cheers?!  What better way to celebrate their 1-year anniversary than a Pinterest worthy photo shoot, hmmmm?

After craving some good pictures of them together, Scott and Adam had reached out to me over the winter to get something scheduled. They were interested in having some springtime pictures to fill all of those frames they received as gifts from their wedding last year.  What a JOY for me to spend almost 2 hours together with these spectacular guys discovering some gorgeous places in Denver!


Starting the photoshoot off at the campus of Denver University, things were a bit technical with poses, discussions on where hands go, how big to smile, where to look, and deciding what post was the best to secure their newest fur baby – Murphy.  I mean, frames deserve nothing but the best pictures, am I right?   However, after the time it takes to blink an eye, the awkwardness of a camera all up in their faces was gone; and you could without a doubt tell how much comfort these two give to one another.


Portraits were our main goal - pictures of them looking handsome for the camera - but in between shots, my heart was full seeing how these two look at each other.  Capturing this part of relationships is the highest honor for me as a photographer.

Walking around campus, Adam shared with me a few totally awesome facts on the architecture and history of a few of the buildings – facts he learned back from attending the college. 

After we wrapped up at DU, we headed to Clear Creek in Golden.  O.M.Goodness am I obsessed.  The weather was darker, cloudy, and insanely foggy up in the foothills (not usually thought of as the best weather for photos) – but it was beyond perfect.  The historical area of Clear Creek was a gem, and we were able to take it down a notch from the suit and ties at DU, to the more casual side of Scott and Adam, complete with all three of their fur babies – Ozzy, Emmy Lou, and Murphy.

 Time FLEW by!!  I honestly wanted to keep taking more and more pictures!  The ease of everything by the end of our time together produced shot after perfect shot.  This session was a true testament of why I LOVE photography.  It was a time where we could spend time together re-capturing Scott and Adam’s past year together and creating amazing pictures to add the last finishing touches on the walls of their beautiful home together!

- Jessica

Welcome to the World Lucy!

Lucy Newborn & Schipper Family-12.jpg

I was so ecstatic when I heard from the Schipper family that they were expecting baby #2. I was blessed enough to be able to see Cora’s first year of life and now she was going to be a big sister!

Earlier this month, sweet Lucy made her grand appearance and she is the perfect addition to the Schipper family.

Lucy Newborn & Schipper Family-31.jpg

Even though Lucy’s arrival was the original reason for me reuniting with the Schippers, that’s not to say the whole session was dedicated to Lucy’s newborn portraits. During Lucy’s feedings, Cora got to have a photoshoot of her own.

Lucy Newborn & Schipper Family-65.jpg

Let me tell you, this girl is after my own heart. She resisted photos almost the entire time we were together. She wanted NOTHING to do with me! It was only when I brought some flowers out into the studio did she show the least bit of interest in being in front of the camera. It soon became very clear, she wanted control of the camera - Cora is a natural photographer!

She tried her very best to avoid the camera and even went as far to take a couple pictures of her dad all by herself!

By the time we finished up our session though, Cora decided I was cool enough to hang and asked for a hug goodbye. >Swoon!<

I feel incredibly fortunate to have spent this time with the Schipper clan so soon after Lucy arrived. Having two littles under 2 years old is no small feat, but Tasha and Zach - you’re killin it!

I can’t wait to show you all more of this sweet family as the year passes and I get to capture Lucy growing. Stay tuned for her three month session this summer!

Sharon & Greg - Married in Breckenridge!


Simple doesn’t always mean lacking and the wedding between Sharon and Greg was a perfect example of this!

Gone was the huge wedding party, giant cake, extravagant meal, party and the constant go go go.  In it’s place was a bride and groom with eyes only for each other, a wedding party of three – their children, cupcakes for each, and a glass of champagne (and sparkling cider for the littles) to wash them down with. 


The time I spent with this family captured not only their laid back, loving and goofy nature, but literally every beautiful weather pattern this state could offer.  We had clouds that highlighted the Breckenridge mountains in the background, sun that was warm, clear and bright, and then at the most perfect timing – the brides wish – SNOW! 

The ceremony was time spent reflecting on those who weren’t there in body through laughter and loving tears, and a time for Sharon and Greg to say their OFFICIAL ‘I-do’s’.  Immediately following the lovely first kiss as husband and wife, the family of five all signed the marriage license – which I thought was the most precious thing ever, and something I have never seen kiddos be a part of.  It was delightful!!

With fun music and their party pants on, Sharon, Greg and the kids enjoyed their cupcakes and several toasts to their new life legally as a family going forward.  I would say “officially”, but it was clear that they already were a family deeply in love, wedding or not.

The rest was a photographer’s heaven!!  A group eager to share their smiles, poses, and special day; and that they did.  After we said our goodbyes, I noticed how much my face hurt from constantly smiling, the day was absolutely perfect!


Spring in Seattle

Pike Place Market-3.jpg

In my opinion travel, especially solo travel, is one of the best things a person can do for their soul. It has singlehandedly taught me some of the greatest lessons in my life.

Last week I had the opportunity to travel to Seattle with my team at work for an intense week of training from Porsche on Lean Manufacturing. It was a great networking and educational opportunity, and even better it was in one of my favorite places on earth - Seattle!

Pike Place Market-1.jpg

Seattle has had a special place in my heart for the majority of my adult life. I daydreamed of escaping to the PNW in my early twenties when I felt trapped in my life and my (then) marriage.

I still often daydream of eventually moving west to where the mountains are snowcapped but the winters stay relatively green and don’t get sub-zero temperatures!

From wandering the cobblestone streets near Pike Place Market to sleeping under the stars in the Olympic National Park - Washington has always felt natural to me.


Last week I was fortunate enough to stay behind for a couple of days after training to stay in this home away from home and walk the streets of downtown Seattle on my own.

Pike Place Market-2.jpg

It’s an uncomfortable thing, traveling alone, even more so as an introvert.

At first you feel vulnerable, lonely, and hyper-sensitive to everything going on around you. And yet, it is all of these uncomfortable feelings that are responsible for making solo traveling the incredible experience that it is.

While in Seattle I was able to connect with vendors at the market, hearing about their families and their gardens at home. One of these vendors even gifted me with a beautiful handmade ring.

I talked with two wonderful women about their view on politics and their favorite springtime flowers while hiding under the same bus stop in a surprise downpour, and then heading our own separate ways as the sun peaked back out from the clouds.

Pike Place Market-8.jpg
Pike Place Market-4.jpg
Pike Place Market-7.jpg
Pike Place Market-5.jpg

It’s an uncomfortable and scary thing, traveling alone. Even so, I am a better photographer and better person from my solo adventures across the world and I wouldn’t trade the experiences for anything.

For those who haven’t taken the leap to spend some quality time exploring a new place and exploring more about yourself, I urge you to take the chance - I suspect after one adventure you’ll become addicted like me!