Baby Girl Wubben - Part 1...

Wubben Maternity-7.jpg

It won’t be long now until Brad and Kendra welcome their first child into this world.

Baby girl Wubben is due around the end of August and both mom and dad can’t wait to meet her (oh!- and her photographer too!).

Wubben Maternity-14.jpg

I met the Wubbens at West Bush Lake Park in Bloomington for our maternity session on a sizzling HOT Sunday. These two were so patient with me as I tried to coordinate just where in the park we were to meet. If you know me, you may know I sometimes get easily disoriented.

After finally managing to find each other we started our walk through the park so I could get an opportunity to know them both a little better. I learned that they have been married for several years and put a deliberate focus on enjoying their time together as a unit of 2, working on their careers in law enforcement, and traveling the world before making any additions to their family.

It was obvious to me in just the short amount of time I spent with them how over the moon happy these two are to be expecting.

Baby girl Wubben is a very lucky little lady who is going to come into the world and be welcomed by two phenomenal people she gets to call mom and dad.

And with that I’ll leave this story as “to be continued”…

Wubben Maternity-68.jpg