Lucy is 3 months old!


If you’re a regular visitor here, you may remember this sweet face from her debut on the blog earlier this spring. Lucy is already 3 months old now and more beautiful than ever.

The entire Schipper family met me in downtown St. Paul for her 3 month shoot on a perfect summer Saturday morning. The most entertaining member of Lucy’s entourage also happens to be her number one fan and big sister, Cora. I look at these photos and smile ear to ear because I can still hear Cora’s infectious giggle as she found her way into all kinds of trouble in the park

These two sisters have a stark contrast in personality so far. Cora, is bold, dramatic, and utterly captivating. Lucy is calm, graceful (yes, this baby has some serious grace), and brings the most relaxing, warm presence with her.

Even though they have so many differences, these two sisters are already very tightly bonded. You can tell just by the smile on Cora’s face just how much she loves her baby sister, and you can watch Lucy’s face light up when Cora comes into view.


I am usually happy to complete edits on a session and send the photos off to their respective owners, but this session was different.

Don’t get me wrong - I’m so excited for Tasha and Zach to see all of their photos. But I’m also sad in reaching the end because I don’t have any more photos of Cora to make me giggle, and no more photos of Lucy to gush over. Good thing I only have to wait a few more months until her 6 month session!!